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  • Analysis: Campaign promise meets harsh Afghan reality
  • White House sees progress from nuclear talks with Iran
  • U.N. shuts down offices in Pakistan after suicide attack
  • Government report questions initial financial rescue claims
  • Cool weather helps firefighters in California
  • Search for missing survivors in Indonesia is called off
  • Scientists link eating candy in childhood to adult crime

With Proud We Stand In MEMO :

While celebrating the new Black Memories album, we've launched the "Half Past Dead" dedicated to quality Black Memo discussion of fans all around the world. Everyone who registers will receive the news even earlier via our new newsletter mailing list and will always be the first one to know what's going on in the world of Black Memories.

We didn't forget the ones who love to post their Black Memories Top 10's as well, on the new forum you'll also find a new section where you're able to post your Top 10's and track by track comments.

Registration is of course free and every Memorable is invited to the halfpastdead.do.am Forum :
Purchase the World in 15 Days from this website via credit card . To purchase click here ..
Finally the waiting is over. halfpastdead.do.am proudly presents the multilingual review of the brand new Black Memories album Half Past Dead, in conjunction with our affiliate sites kp4online.at.ua and blackmemories.ucoz.co.uk. Unlike the previous reviews, this one is very special for us because it was originally written in Jeddah at Kp4 Musix Studios with our mastermind's kind presence.

Purchase the new CD from the nearest stallions ... or from kp4online or rapidlibrary websites ...

Contest # 20 :             <   3 days to go .... >

Hi Audience Participate this weeks contest and win SR/ 50 .This weeks question :

                            Q. Who is known as the inventor of  " Lenovo " ?

            a. Whiteson    b. George Bush   c. ANelen    d.S.Dhara

Sent answers today to mail : 4contest@kp4online.8m.net

or to number by sms format : +966548579749  ( if  outside KSA )                     

< This weeks price is SR/500 Gift Hamper from XTRA.. >

 Kp4 Launcehes its new website with contract to M-websters.Co.Inc  to open its new downloadable website of torrent .The webpage is named as " CNET" and is available now throughout the net .


Surf through the CNET right now by just clicking here ...


Kp4 Updates

Kp4 project restarted this month onwards said Hassan on press meet held in 15 / 09 / 2009 in the world wide web tv Jet4 . Jishnu , Sufiyan , Paul and Yousuf reacted to this in positive way . Managing directors will be back soon said Rauf ( Direction Chairman ) .Kp4 's launches its first project after stoping  " RELINKER 7 " .Its a messenger tool like google talk and yahoo which is powered by them and MSN .

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